When you join a Maggie's Wine Club or World Beer Society, each month you have the opportunity to explore new and different wines and craft beers from around the world.
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Maggie's Wine and Beer Clubs Are a Fantastic Value.
Our Wine or Beer Club Memberships are much more than just your monthly wine or beer selections:

Your Wine or Beer Club Membership includes 2 free passes to any of our Wine or Beer Tasting events each month. Visit our calendar for tasting times, dates and entertainment.

Our Wine Tasting events allow you to experience a wide range of varietals from around the world. Stroll the streets of historic downtown Mount Dora to various tasting venues and sample more than 20 different wines.

Our Wine Tasting events are further complimented by light appetizers as well as live entertainment by some of Central Florida's best musicians.

Wines featured at the tasting stations are available for you to purchase at a discounted price.

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Our Local Wine Clubs And Beer Club Options

This club includes two bottles of wine each month. You have a choice of two reds, two whites or one each.
The cost is .   [ More Details & Terms ]

WINE SOCIETY: (Premium)   
This club includes one premium bottle of wine each month. You have a choice of a red or a white.
The cost is .   [ More Details & Terms ]

This club includes one bottle of wine PLUS six bottles of craft beer each month. You may choose a red or a white for the one wine.
The cost is .   [ More Details & Terms ]

This club includes 12 bottles of craft beer each month.
The cost is .   [ More Details & Terms ]

This club includes two premium bottles of wine per month or one exclusive wine each month. For the two bottle option you can choose two reds, two whites or one each. For the exclusive one bottle option you choose a red or a white.
The cost is .   [ More Details & Terms ]

Consider one of our "Global" Wine Club options. [More Info]
If you prefer, you may print this PDF wine/beer club application
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LOCAL Wine/Beer Clubs Terms and Conditions:
As a new member, we ask that you commit to at least a 3 month stay in the club. We want you to get a full experience of what we are all about.
You will be automatically billed the membership fee +tax each month, by Maggie's Attic of Florida, to the credit card you provided at time of purchase.
Your active and currently paid wine club membership is your pass to our twice a month wine tastings for no additional cost. More information about our wine and beer tastings can be found in our web site.
Special club member discounts include a 20% discount on case purchases (mix and match allowed).
You will be automatically included in our news letter e-mails. (you may unsubscribe at any time).
Club memberships are on an individual basis and can not be shared or transferred.
As a wine club member, the included wine tastings are for the club member and one guest (member must be present).
As a wine club member, you may have additional guests join you at our wine tastings at a cost of $10 each (normally a $15 value). You must be present.
As a wine club member, you may purchase wines featured during the tastings at the listed "event" price, up to the next scheduled wine tasting. While supplies last.
Wine and/or beer of the month selections will be available for pick-up at or following the second wine tasting each month. If delivery is requested (limited area), it will occur by the end of that month – please provide specifics on delivery, gate codes, etc.
If you are unable to pick-up your monthly wine/beer of the month and are outside our delivery area, we will ship your current wine/beer of the month to you. Current FedEx charges will apply and be billed to your card. A signature of a person over 21 years of age is required upon delivery.
If you need to cancel your membership please contact us in writing before the first of that month. Any cancellations received after the 1st of any month will not be effective until the following month and will result in the automatically scheduled monthly charge. Your wine club membership is active from the 1st of the month through the last day of the month. (ex. January wine club includes the first wine tasting in January and the second wine tasting in January plus your wine for that month.)
Maggie's Attic of Florida reserves the right to change these terms at any time as necessary. This site will always reflect the current wine and beer club terms and conditions.
By providing your club membership and payment information to Maggie's Attic of Florida you agree to these terms and conditions.
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